Create & Contribute

One Million For Good supports the causes you care about through the sales of limited edition fine art photography.

How it Works

  1. View the Galleries.
  2. Purchase a Print.
  3. Receive an email with a choice of the three featured charitable organizations.
  4. You’ll receive confirmation of payment, and receipt of donation.
  5. Contact me with any questions.

How You Can Help

  • Purchase a print. 50% of each sale goes to your choice of three featured organizations.
  • Nominate your cause. Three organizations will receive donations each year from One Million for Good. Nominate now for 2013.
  • Spread the Word. Interview me. Review the photography. Tell the world about One Million for Good.

Custom Work

If you’d like me to shoot your bike or boat, you see something you like featured here that isn’t listed for purchase, call me 801-230-2932. I’ll make something just for you or someone you love.


A Little About Me

I believe that art can change the world.

My name is Courtney Carver and I am a 42 year old, aspiring minimalist. I am (so happily) married, and mom to a teenage daughter. I am a writer and photographer. I love yoga, creating simple meals and hiking and skiing in the Mountainwest. I also love to travel and have my sights on a future in Mexico, living simply, on the beach.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While this disease does not define me, it has had a huge impact on my life. The Myelin Repair Foundation will always be an organization close to my heart and one of the three organizations receiving donations from One Million for Good. With their unique research model, they are on the fast track to finding a cure for MS.

I wrote a book called Simple Ways to Be More with Less, blog two times a week here, and started a fashion project that may not be changing the world, but is changing closets around the world.