How to Have an Epic Poolside BBQ Party

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Whether there is a special occasion to celebrate or you just want to spend time with family and friends, a poolside BBQ party is always a good idea! There are some people who dread such parties because they are clueless about how to prepare. Do not be one of those people! The rest of this post will share some practical tips on how you can organize a BBQ pool party to remember!

Clean the Pool

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that the pool is ready for the guests. Take the time to have the chemicals checked and to clean the water. Fortunately, with the modern technologies that are available, you do not have to exert too much effort in cleaning the pool.  For instance, the best pool cleaners will help to get rid of the dirt and debris in the water without requiring too much on your end.

Set-Up the Pool

Cleaning the swimming pool is just the first step. Once the pool is clean, you need to set it up and make it ready for a fun party. You might want to add an above ground pool light to make the area brighter at night. A slide will also be a great addition if there are kids coming over. More so, to make the place Instagram-worthy, you can decorate the pool using massive and colorful floats, which can exist in different shapes, such as swan, flamingo, donuts, watermelon, and unicorn.

Plan the Food

The food will be the star of the BBQ party, so make sure that it is carefully planned. Think about what your guests would want to eat. Take into account any special dietary requirements. If budget permits, steaks will surely make your visitors drool. If you are looking for something that is more affordable, burgers and hot dogs will do the trick. Be creative in planning out the food so that your guests will go home with a filled tummy!

Plan the Drinks

For sure, the party will not be complete without the drinks! Provide something that will be refreshing, especially during the hot summer months. Fresh fruit juices will be good to have! You will also have to plan the cocktail menu. You can have a DIY cocktail station with some basic spirits and mixers. You can even create your own concoction just for the BBQ party!

Plan the Entertainment

The least that you would want is for the guests to end up being bored during the duration of the party. With this, you need to think of some of the best ways to keep them entertained. On the top of the list is to have pool party games and exciting prizes so that they will be motivated to join. For adults, drinking games will be great! You also have to prepare a playlist. A good music can do a lot to make the party a lot of fun!